Hasbro Princess Popup Magic Tangled Game only $7.72 @ Amazon Canada!

Hasbro Princess Popup Magic Tangled Game only $7.72 @ Amazon Canada!


A couple of days ago, Kristy spotted a superb price on this Cinderella Coach game set at Amazon, coming in at only $5.70. Needless to say, it didn’t last long at that price so I hope a few of you got a bargain. If you did get one ordered, then you might be reaching for your wallet again today, as I’ve found another great price on a similar product – this time it’s the Hasbro Princess Popup Magic Tangled Game! It’s 48% off, down to only $7.72. While that’s not at quite as good a price point as the Cinderella game the other day, it’s still a really hot price!

For those of you on Amazon Prime, you’ll be able to order the above Tangled game and get free shipping to your home, no questions asked. If not, you can top your order up to $25 for free super saver shipping. All the Bargainmoose authors actually have Amazon Prime, just so we can jump on hot deals like this without worrying about shipping.

If you are interested in buying this Tangled game, BUY IT NOW, don’t wait. Lately, we’ve seen such price fluctuations on Amazon – these things can increase in price in the blink of an eye.

tangled1The actual game is for two or more players, of ages three and upwards. My five year old daughter would love this game! I think it would also be good at helping her develop her number skills, as well as her patience in waiting for the other players to take a turn.

I mentioned earlier about the Cinderella game… here’s what a note on the games say:

Connect the board to other Pop-Up Magic games (other games sold separately) for even more magic.

So if you bought the Cinderella one, you can actually join it up to the Tangled one!

In terms of reviews, there is only a single five star review on Amazon.ca, so that’s not a lot to go on. But over on Toys R Us Canada, there are 17 reviews with this game averaging a score of 4.1 out of 5 – which is a pretty good rating overall. 82% of the reviewers would recommend the game, that’s good to see.

As for pricing elsewhere, the Hasbro Tangled game will cost you $10 (plus shipping) from Toys R Us, and upwards from that at a number of other retailers.

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  • Kristy R.
    I totally want to collect them all now and put them together for a giant princess game!