The Best Deals on Hasbro Games in Canada

The Best Deals on Hasbro Games in Canada

The holidays are the perfect time to break out the board games, and this is the perfect page to bookmark if you want to keep up on the Best Hasbro Game Deals in Canada.

Hasbro Games List

Hasbro Games Transformers

Transformers Rubiks

Hasbro Games Monopoly

Monopoly @ Toys R Us
Monopoly @ The Bay
Monopoly @ Chapters Indigo
Monopoly @
Monopoly @

Hasbro Games Monopoly Junior

Monopoly Junior @ The Bay
Monopoly Junior @ Chapters Indigo
Monopoly Junior @

Hasbro Games My Little Pony

My Little Pony Memory @ Chapters Indigo

Hasbro Games Pie Face

Pie Face Game @ Chapters Indigo
Pie Face @ The Bay
Pie Face @ Toys R Us
Pie Face Game @

Hasbro Speak Out

Speak Out @ Chapters Indigo
Speak Out @ Toys R Us
Speak Out @

Hasbro Games Ouija

Stranger Things Ouija @ Chapters Indigo
Ouija Game - Movie Edition

There are plenty of classic and new games to choose from, so you can check out some of Hasbro's latest games and introduce your kids to some of your favourites from when you were growing up!


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