Hasbro Made Parody Board Games Just for Adults!

Hasbro Made Parody Board Games Just for Adults!

Now that the kids have left the room, here's something to spice up your next game night.

Hasbro just re-released some of their classic board games – with a twist. They took four games we probably all grew up playing and modified them so they're just for adults.

So crack open a bottle of wine (or three) and invite your friends over – because this is exactly the kind of entertainment you need to get through the rest of the winter.

We mentioned these a few weeks ago, and Hasbro has already added one more game to the mix, called Clue: Lost in Vegas. Seven friends start the night in Vegas, but only six wake up the next morning. It's up to you and the other players to figure out what happened to Buddy in time to make your flight home.

In The Game of Life: Quarter Life Crisis, you'll face crippling debt and the consequences of dropping your phone in the toilet and drunkenly getting a terrible tattoo. But that's nothing compared to Botched Operation, where you're a surgeon who sometimes gets tickled while you operate!

I spent a good part of my childhood playing classic Sorry! – and I can't wait to try Sorry! Not Sorry! It's a game where you sabotage your friends to win and divulge deep secrets along the way.

Finally, there's Mystery Date Catfished, which brings the board game into the digital age. You still swap trait and action cards to reveal your match behind the door – but you might get catfished!

All four games are sold at Chapters Indigo and cost $24.95 each. Shipping is free when you spend at least $25, or you can ship just about any order to a Chapters store for free.


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    we need this!

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      At least this is more accurate for today’s standards lol

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