Hard to Find LEGO 'The Simpsons' In Stock @ the LEGO Shop Canada

Hard to Find LEGO 'The Simpsons' In Stock @ the LEGO Shop Canada

I used to think of LEGO in terms of PPB (Price per brick.) As I started to look into the efforts required of the designers who create this - the time, effort and research spent on the design as well as the amazing attention to detail, I realized that LEGO is not technically charging a price per brick. The raw value would be worth no where near the manpower spent in achieving such a grand Simpsons Home, in this case!

I found this hard to find LEGO set, The Simpsons House, available at LEGO Shop Canada. It's selling for $229.99. The reviews on it are astounding, and it's clear that this is a LEGO set worthy of the coat and will require hours of building. Amazon.ca also carries this at a similar price (13 cents less) but you'll receive more perks (LEGO toy soldier and LEGO VIP Loyalty program points) when you purchase through the original LEGO shop Canada.

What a great Christmas gift this will make!!

Check out the pics., you'll see tons of detail in this set! I'm happy to report that when I added this to my cart, I'll also be getting a LEGO Toy Soldier Ornament for free. It's worth $6.99 but seriously? The well formed LEGO buttons on the solider's jacket are priceless.

Shipping will be free and don't forget to sign up for the LEGO VIP Loyalty Program to obtain points toward your next LEGO purchase. Get a $5 reward for every 100 points earned. You'll get 229 LEGO point on this purchase which is worth a bit more than $10.


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  • Cyn C.

    Saw this yesterday, in stock, at the Lego store at Guilford Town Centre.