Happy 7th Birthday Bargainmoose! SURPRISE Caption Contests to Win Amazon vouchers! (# 1) (CLOSED)

Happy 7th Birthday Bargainmoose! SURPRISE Caption Contests to Win Amazon vouchers! (# 1) (CLOSED)


*** Contest now closed, the winner was Mooser Kay!! ***

Last week, Bargainmoose celebrated the fact that we’ve been bringing you hot deals for the last SEVEN YEARS!! I cannot believe it has been so long – and I know that there are some Moosers who’ve been with us almost from the very start. THANK YOU all for visiting Bargainmoose on a daily basis and supporting myself and my team. We’d like to think that we’re the BEST place in Canada for coupons, deals, freebies and more.

To give you guys a little reward for being such fantastic Moosers, we’re going to run a series of surprise caption contests over the next week or so. Each contest will have an interesting image like the one above, and you guys simply have to leave a funny comment. We’ll choose our favourite comment and reward the winner with a FREE $100Amazon.ca gift card!!

Today’s contest – you must leave a funny caption for the image above, and you have until midnight on the 4th September 2015 to get your entry in.



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  • Hope D.
    Surrrrrre I'll share!!!!!!!!!
    • Paul
      "Oh man, my owners don't know this, but I already had a bite before anyone was looking. Hehehe."
      • blackninjatj
        Mmmmm, even better than those special brownies I didn't eat last week.
        • Tracy
          "My face before everyone realizes 'I'm not going to share'".
          • Cool c.
            DUDE...everything is way better when you find it on Bargainmoose! Even the cakes :)
            • Moe A.
              "She hasn't found her shoes yet. I think I've pulled it off."
              • Jill K.
                Party Animal !
                • Jocelyn
                  Whoa, dude! What was in that cake?
                  • Sam
                    Mmmm, dis all minne...
                    • Lauren
                      Birthdays are always great when you can't remember how old you are
                      • marz
                        ir yi dine pictire tiking? I winni eat niw
                        • Christine
                          Whoever uses this seat after me is going to get a big surprise... he he he he.
                          • witchblade
                            Caption: "Mmmmmmmmmm FREE cake taste better!"
                            • Ernie
                              I don't go to parties often. When I do, I make the Moosers hosting it.
                              • Caitlin
                                They totally forgot how much cake makes me fart. Hehehe
                                • LB
                                  Happy ruffday to me! Technically, shouldn't I get a cake every 2 months for every dog year? Silly humans. I'm going to regurgitate this in your shoes.
                                  • Lisa
                                    Yum. My absolute favourite. Happy Birthday.
                                    • Pam R.
                                      I just left you a present on my chair...
                                      • joy
                                        "I already licked it so its mine, all mine"
                                        • LJ
                                          It's great to be meeeeeee!!!!!!