Happy 7th Birthday Bargainmoose! Surprise Caption Contest #7! (CLOSED)

Happy 7th Birthday Bargainmoose! Surprise Caption Contest #7! (CLOSED)


*** Contest now closed, winners were Lesly, Jo-Ann, Lina, Steph, Tiffany & 2 more TBC!! ***

Boop! Nudge! It’s our 7th surprise caption contest in order to celebrate our 7th birthday! And unlike the last few contests which awarded one person with a $100 Amazon voucher, I am switching things up a little bit this time, and rewarding 7 people with a $20 Amazon voucher each! I know the prize value is less per person, but more people will get a little surprise in their email, this way. :)

To enter today, simply leave a comment below, captioning the above image!

Now, this WON’T be the last caption contest… tune in tomorrow in case there are more surprise giveaways!

(Ends 12th September 2015)


Reply to
  • Monica S.
    Giddy up my gallant steed!!
    • Mike D.
      I dare you to come in here and criticize my ride!
      • Tracy
        That's right, I'm this cute! The only way I could be cuter is if I had my cowboy hat on.
        • Steph
          Who needs opposable thumbs?!
          • Olga
            Pandas just wanna have fun!
            • Tiffany
              Party time
              • Moe
                Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.
                • Allison
                  Can I have some bamboo ice cream next, please?
                  • AmandaS
                    Hey Mom! MOOOOOOOOM! Look at me!
                    • lamariposavioleta
                      I'm (almost) walking on water!
                      • Kate
                        Panda is having so much fun!
                        • Rick
                          Why is nobody taking me off this? Can they not see I've gone white!
                          • Brenda
                            Row, row your boat! Wait... That's the wrong song!
                            • Capellis
                              Giddy Up to the bamboo grove!
                              • Kayla
                                my other ride is the millennium falcon
                                • Elizabeth
                                  Blame it on the alcohol!
                                  • Craig
                                    I'm a Panda Cowboy.... On a plastic horse I ride!
                                    • Carolina
                                      Yeeeee haaaa!!!!!!
                                      • Nelson
                                        That was a weird MLP episode.
                                        • Amanda
                                          Giddy up!