Happy 7th Birthday Bargainmoose! Final Caption Contest to win Amazon.ca Vouchers! (CLOSED)

Happy 7th Birthday Bargainmoose! Final Caption Contest to win Amazon.ca Vouchers! (CLOSED)


*** Contest now closed, winner added soon! ***

What could be more fitting than finishing up our series of 7th birthday contests with a photo including a very happy moose! I’d like you to make up a caption for the above photo, leave a comment below, and you might win a $100 Amazon voucher!!

Some of the winners in the last set of contests throughout the week have already replied and received their Amazon vouchers, but this is the last contest we will be doing for our 7th birthday celebrations. (I know I promised you guys that I would have another contest on site yesterday, so apologies for being a bit late on this one!) Here’s to another year of finding incredible deals on Bargainmoose. Thanks Moosers!

(Contest ends 14th September 2015)


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  • lamariposavioleta
    Its not just any moose…its BARGAINMOOSE!!!
    • samiya
      Say MOOSE! Keep Calm and Take A Picture
      • Rick
        (driver)...Eeeek a creepy looking moose. (moose)....Eeeek a creepy looking driver.
        • Irem
          "Can you tell we both used CREST whitestrips?"
          • sazouma
            When the moose is more photogenic than you are T.T
            • Jessica
              License and registration please
              • Tracy
                Can you tell we use the same dentist?
                • Moe
                  Selfies are so A-MOOSE-ING!
                  • peepsi16
                    We interrupt this shopping experience to bring you a nice rack...
                    • Kelly
                      Honey, hurry up and take the picture! His breath is as bad as your uncle Jerry's.
                      • lennypuz
                        Keep calm and BARGAINMOOSE!
                        • Monica S.
                          • Nina M.
                            Moose selfies always end in slobber.
                            • Alvina
                              Can we keep him as out pet?
                              • Alvina
                                • Harjot
                                  Moose-ing around
                                  • katama381
                                    They say everyone has a doppelganger...I just found mine!
                                    • Dipson
                                      My teeth are bigger than yours.
                                      • CalgaryCaper
                                        Best view of Moosejaw and that ain't no bull!
                                        • Tina S.
                                          I find this 'amoosing'!!