Happy 7th Birthday Bargainmoose! Final Caption Contest to win Amazon.ca Vouchers! (CLOSED)


*** Contest now closed, winner added soon! ***

What could be more fitting than finishing up our series of 7th birthday contests with a photo including a very happy moose! I’d like you to make up a caption for the above photo, leave a comment below, and you might win a $100 Amazon voucher!!

Some of the winners in the last set of contests throughout the week have already replied and received their Amazon vouchers, but this is the last contest we will be doing for our 7th birthday celebrations. (I know I promised you guys that I would have another contest on site yesterday, so apologies for being a bit late on this one!) Here’s to another year of finding incredible deals on Bargainmoose. Thanks Moosers!

(Contest ends 14th September 2015)


  • lamariposavioleta
    Its not just any moose…its BARGAINMOOSE!!!
  • samiya
    Say MOOSE! Keep Calm and Take A Picture
  • Rick
    (driver)...Eeeek a creepy looking moose. (moose)....Eeeek a creepy looking driver.
  • Irem
    "Can you tell we both used CREST whitestrips?"
  • sazouma
    When the moose is more photogenic than you are T.T
  • Jessica
    License and registration please
  • Tracy
    Can you tell we use the same dentist?
  • Moe
    Selfies are so A-MOOSE-ING!
  • peepsi16
    We interrupt this shopping experience to bring you a nice rack...
  • Kelly
    Honey, hurry up and take the picture! His breath is as bad as your uncle Jerry's.
  • lennypuz
    Keep calm and BARGAINMOOSE!
  • Monica S.
  • Nina M.
    Moose selfies always end in slobber.
  • Alvina
    Can we keep him as out pet?
  • Alvina
  • Harjot
    Moose-ing around
  • katama381
    They say everyone has a doppelganger...I just found mine!
  • Dipson
    My teeth are bigger than yours.
  • CalgaryCaper
    Best view of Moosejaw and that ain't no bull!
  • Tina S.
    I find this 'amoosing'!!
  • Cappellis
    Road sign: 'Warning Bargain Moose savings next 10 km'
  • Mel
    Move over, I'm trying to do my best Mooselander pose!
  • Vicki
    This "moose" pic was not what I "Bargain-ed" for!!
  • Chantal
    Of Moose and man
  • Tracy
  • Brenda
    Ok, pal, it's my turn to drive. You promised!
  • Jon
    The last time he'd seen wild animals was as a child at the Edinburgh zoo before there were smartphones. Meanwhile in Canada, Ned found himself to be the star attraction having to oblige the selfie generation
  • Barb D.
    Look at the stupid grin! Not on the moose but on my husband!
  • Kate
    Moose: "Move over! Let me be in the selfie instead of you. "
  • Heather
    I saw you were stopped, so I thought I would pop my head in and say Hello!
  • Heather
    Do you have a list of winners?!
  • Olga
    I moose you!
  • Rimon S.
    I would like to thank Bargainmoose for being awesome at what they do. I have found this site 3-4 months ago and it has become a ritual for me to visit this site and check out the amazing deals that they post. I have found so many amazing deals, got myself & my family so many things from those...Can't be measured it by a mere thanks! You are awesome Bargainmoose!
  • ST
    Haha ah he just doesnt know it yet, but Im making him my husband.
  • renee
    Special birthday present for Mom, a photo of her twin boys!
  • Kaitlin
    ANOTHER SELFIE!!?? You "moose" be kidding me!
  • Juli
    Say Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaals
  • Pat M.
    Smile if you got a bargain moose deal today!
  • Sandra M.
    I find this amoosing
  • Catherine B.
    This is no moosetake.
  • Jason
    Uhhhh can ya tell me how to get to Moose Jaw?
  • Annie
    "Nice spider...."
  • Craig
    Take the picture quick! Moose breath is horrible!!!
  • Craig
    That moment you meet the Bargain Moose
  • Craig
    This moose got more than be bargained for
  • Grant
    Hey can you stop photo bombing me
  • Dave
    I'm such a big star now, I can't leave the house without fans wanting to take pictures with me. But I won't let it go to my head.
  • witchblade
    Guess today's rebates I found!
  • Lesley
    Welcome to Canada! Yes, we are quite friendly, thank you, and sorry for the delay.
  • Tamara
    Welcome to Canada. Anything to declare?
  • Christine
    Sure, I'll pose for your photo, but I think you've moosetaken me for someone elk!
  • Sharon
    Look Ma, no cavities.
  • Tiffany
    Just me and my moose
  • Donna L.
    Moosers separated at birth !
  • nick a.
    Bargainmoosers smile and say " FREEBIEEEE"
  • Tiggrr
    Who said we were up to Moosechief ?
  • Jackie M.
    Wife, I told you there was a real 'BargainMoose'!
  • Tania J.
    I find this picture very "amoosing"!
  • Émilie s.
    I love this moooooooosique !!!!! Guest hoo get a happy moose dance here !!!
  • Colleen
  • Barb
    I love Canadians, they are soooo friendly!
  • ragreversal123
    The moment after you realize you probably used the wrong plural form to ask about his family. “Meesed” it by that much!
  • darci
    Stop Moosing around and lets get those bargains!!
  • Ruby
    START THE CAR HONEY! But First let me take a selfie
  • Mei
    Bros before dough..always check here before you spend!
  • Wanda T.
    Smile Eh, like you know this Bargain Moose has your back.
  • Debbie B.
    Canada..... where even our wildlife is friendly
  • Dena L.
    Smile! Happy moosie birthday!
  • Allison
  • Paul
    Step out of the car please. I smell Moosehead. Have you been drinking?
  • Chantel R.
    Ex....moose me may I see your drivers license, registration and proof of insurance?
  • ginette4
    Just take the pic and maybe he'll go away :/
  • Cesar
    Honey, I think the moose likes me? It would be a great deal to take a picture of us.
  • Sandra
    How you doin? ?
  • David-Philip G.
    ENTRY: "Bargain Moose & The Canada Goose - cuz we're CANADIAN, Eh!? "
  • Sandy P.
    I find selfies Amoosing!
  • Margaret
    Look what Uncle Jack brought us. Please can we keep him?
  • cathy m.
    We going to party like its bargainmoose's 7 th birthday! cheers to all!!!
  • tyler
    moose photobomb
  • Saba
    Uhhh can you please stop clicking and take this moose's face out if my car?!!!
  • Irene
    I'm not only a card carrying Bargain Mooser. I have a real Moose to prove it!
  • David
    I'm a real live Bargainmooser with a real live Moose, and we both live in Moosonee!
  • Tony
    Best Moose photobomb ever!
  • zahra p.
  • Carrie
    Did you say horsepower? When are you all going to clue in that moosepower is the way to go?
  • Swapandeep S.
    Say Moooooooooose...
  • Julie
    Rocky and Bullwinkle, 30 years later.
  • Sandra F.
    Selfie with the Moose...alisa!
  • Linda P.
    Hey Mom look who I am bringing home for dinner.
  • jcFeng
    See mom? I told you I ain't afraid of no MOOSE! I even got a picture with him!
  • Rodney D.
    I told you to act natural Jeff! They sense fear!
  • Michelle P.
    Hurry up and take the photo...this moose has terrible morning moose breathe!
  • Cecilia
    Hurry! Take the picture
  • Cecilia
    Hurry! Take the picture.
  • Dani-Lynn
    Smile, they are taking our picture because we won for best caption on Bargain Moose.ca!

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