Hamilton Beach Breakfast Electric Sandwich Maker $19.97 @ Amazon Canada

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Electric Sandwich Maker $19.97 @ Amazon Canada

You've heard that McDonald's delivers - but what if they don't deliver to you?! I am in one of those areas that won't enjoy this fast-food perk, but I can enjoy this Amazon sale!

If you've ever had the McDonald's Egg McMuffins, then I am about to blow your mind with your own way to make them at home. The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker is on for $19.97 down from $34.99 and is going to be your new coffee companion.

This is really cool. Open it up, put your ingredients in, and close the lid. In about 5 minutes you will have a fully assembled breakfast sandwich just like you would order from McDonald's - minus the extra grease and wrapping paper (and the cost!).

You can add just about anything to your breakfast sandwich, which makes it both fun and appetizing. The sandwich maker fits English Muffins, most bagels, and biscuits. You can cook a raw egg in the sandwich maker and add in your own spices, vegetables, and more. The included booklet has a bunch of easy and quick recipes you can try out.

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  • Benji

    Great deal! I end up at McD's when I'm in a rush sometimes but then feel awful because the english muffin is white and there's no veggies in the egg. I think this will pay for itself after a month of no fast food breakfast :)

    • KaylaS

      This looks kind of awesome and like a good investment for breakfast sandwich lovers! My family and I will enjoy this. Just wish it was a dual, or even triple sided apparatus to make more at once. Does anyone already own this? A review would be much appreciated ☺