Hamburger Meal Deal For $6.49 With Coupon @ Harvey's Canada

Hamburger Meal Deal For $6.49 With Coupon @ Harvey's Canada

Friday night! I bet nobody wants to cook tonight, right? If you are looking for a good price on a fast food meal, check out the new Harvey's Canada coupon available right now. You can print this coupon or show it on your mobile device and get a Meal Deal for just $6.49.

This coupon specifically applies to the 1/4 Angus Burger Combo. So you will get a 1/4 Angus Burger, a 20 oz soft drink and a regular side for just $6.49. Top your burger with your favourite items, but keep in mind that cheese and bacon always cost you a little more.

This coupon can not be combined with any other Harvey's offers. But it is a decent price for a combo like this! Harvey's hamburgers are one of my favourites. I tend to get chicken burgers from fast food restaurants because the beef never tastes right to me, but A&W and Harvey's are exempt from that.

I don't have my kiddo or hubby with me today, so maybe I will enjoy this burger in silence. Can you remember that last time you were able to really enjoy a burger rather than just scarfing it down quickly to get onto your next task?

(Expiry: 19th May 2016)


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