HaloPets: Free Pet Treats Printable Coupon

HaloPets: Free Pet Treats Printable Coupon


If you sign up for HaloPets newsletter, they will email you a link to a printable coupon for "One FREE bag of Halo Healthsome Dog or Cat Treats." ($6 max. value)My coupon expires on July 13, 2010, so you have two weeks from when you sign up to use the initial coupon. This coupon is valid in the US and Canada.

Each coupon prints out with your individual name and email address on it, so I couldn't put the coupon up on the Moose.

HaloPets will also send you new coupons every month as long as you are signed up to their newsletter.

I have never seen (or heard) of Halo pet food before, but anything thats free, I will certainly try! To find your local Halo treat distributor (to use your coupon) HaloPets provides a lovely store locator:

I tried this out and had to put a space in my postal code to get it to work. But it looks like the popular chain Petsmart carries HaloPets products, so these coupons should be easy to redeem.


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  • Melanie
    Halo is awesome! It is my cat's favorite food and he is a pretty picky eater. All natural ingredients; in fact if you read the label on the wet food it reads better than some of our food! No ingredients on the list that you can't pronounce, lots of veggies.
    • Michelle
      Hey, Just to let everyone know Ellen Degeneres created this pet food. It's all natural and really good for pets!!! My cat loves it!