Halloween Tees On Tshirtmonster Canada (With 20% Discount)

Halloween Tees On Tshirtmonster Canada (With 20% Discount)


Tshirtmonster Canada sell quite a lot of cool tees, as I have mentioned in the past. They're offering a 20% coupon code for spooky tees!

Click here to shop online @ Tshirtmonster.ca

  • Coupon Code: TrickOrTreat
  • Discount: 20% off

Make sure you copy and paste the coupon code exactly though - it is case sensitive.

As we are now nearing the spooky season of Halloween, I thought I would showcase a few scary tees from their site.

First up, I quite like this "I heart zombies" design (pictured top left). When I apply the tshirtmonster coupon code, it costs a total of $14.36.

Continuing on the Zombie theme, how about "Zombies ate my brain?" It's the second one across in my image below.

I also like "Pumpkin head" priced from $24.36, and pictured below, 3rd one across. If you click through to the large view, you can see that the skull is made up of lots of little sketches of carved pumpkin heads. Nice!!

Finally, for a nice evil finish, how about this plain old "Spooky Jack-O-Lantern" tee, for $18.36 after the discount. It's pictured to the bottom right.



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  • Caza C.
    First of all, thank you for featuring my "Zombies Ate My Brain" t-shirt. However,I would just like to correct an oversight about it. It isn't only available in youth sizes. Customers need only to click on the menu to change it to an adult size, mens or womens and even choose a different colour. You even have a Baby size as a choice. All of my designs are available on all sizes, colours and styles. Just choose the design you like and then click on the t-shirt menu to choose your colour, size and style. By the way, they are all customizable too. Click on , "Customize Me!" on the product page and add your own text. Thanks again :)