Hallmark E-Cards: Yearly Subscription Only $1 A Month

Hallmark E-Cards: Yearly Subscription Only $1 A Month


Hallmark has a fantastic subscription service on e-cards. For only $12 a year you get all you can access e-cards, plus a number of other great benefits.

You can send unlimited e-cards with this subscription to an unlimited amount of people. If you think about the amount you spend on regular cards, and probably for more than 12 people, you are saving a bundle by sending them the newer, better, and more personalized way! Even better, Hallmark will send the cards for you. Just input the occasion and date ahead of time and even when you forget (and you always do), Hallmark won't, and your special person will get a card in their inbox or on Facebook on their special day.

But, lets say you have people who don't have the Internet, like your great-granny or your 2-year-old niece, you can still buy traditional paper cards and you'll get 15% off all Hallmark cards with your subscription.

And just in case you want one more bonus, you'll get a month free trial of Spirit Clips, which are heartwarming films for the whole family.

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