Half Off Slippers and Sleepwear @ Chapters

Half Off Slippers and Sleepwear @ Chapters

Nothing makes a slow morning better than a comfy pair of slippers, some fuzzy PJs, and a nice, big, hot cup of coffee. While I can't help you with the big hot cup of coffee, I can help you with the pajamas and slippers! Thanks to Chapters, we can all enjoy our slow cozy mornings with the help of some amazing 50% off slippers and jammies! Maybe this will help me not hate waking up and getting out of bed as much! (Doubt it!)

This sale has helped me decide that there is a new rule in my house starting today. No child nor husband may wake me while I am wearing this cute heart patterned sleeping mask. If I'm wearing that mask, I am in a whole new level of dream world, and I don't want to leave! Maybe I'll be dreaming of the 30% that I saved buying it on sale. Between the sleeping mask, and a bunch of cute slipper options, I am just about ready to order some gifts from me to me, and then go back to bed until they get here.

Shipping at Chapters is free on orders over $25 or to your nearest store.

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