Gyms: Getting a Workout for Free

Gyms: Getting a Workout for Free


This is a fun little edition, how to get a workout for free. Many gyms offer free week passes for you to try out their facilities. Most of the passes allow you to go as many times as you like in a set amount of time, usually 3 - 7 days. Here are some Canadian gyms that have that opportunity:

  • Gold's Gym - Has a 7 Day Free VIP Membership
    Located in: BC, AB, SK, ON, PQ

Rumour also has it that Curves allows 1 week free as well, but I couldn't find it on the website.

There are tons of gyms around, most are region province specific. These are some of the ones I found, and I tried to cover as much of the country as possible but I could only find 2 gyms that were really nation wide. If you guys know of more gyms, nationwide or region specific with free passes, drop us a line in the comments.

At least in the more populated areas in Canada, there are enough gyms that you could probably do an entire month of the gym for free. I know I could, we have over 4 gyms with free passes where I live.. and thats not all of them!


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  • Cindy
    Thanks for your great posts and welcome to Bargain Moose - but please! Their means belonging to a group of people. Use "there" when talking about a location.
    • Anna
      Fixed the little typo... we all do it sometimes!
    • Candace
      Hello Looks like this is the link for the free week at curves: Candace
      • Gail S.
        Goodlife is also in Quebec as they bought Energie Cardio. Not sure if the deals are the same.
        • Nadia
          Checked all the site available in my region, (Alberta) except Gold's Gym looks like they are only giving out a one day pass, :(
          • Nadia
            I feel kinda bad i just booked a consultation with world health club, i will work out there all week and i have no intention of signing a contract, then i will move onto spa lady and then gold's gym,