Gym Bag + Toiletry Bag + Cosmetics Bag $15 @ Amazon

Gym Bag + Toiletry Bag + Cosmetics Bag $15 @ Amazon

What a great little deal from Amazon! One of today's Lightning Deals is a yoga/gym bag set by CWC. The gym bag comes with coordinating cosmetics and toiletry bags - all for $14.99. You even get a choice of colours. As a Lightning Deal, the price is only valid until the end of the day or until the item sells out - it's already 32% claimed!

There are two designs to choose from: pink geometric and teal stripes. I like the teal, myself, but it's selling a lot faster than the pink!

Each large yoga bag has two zip pockets and the coordinating design on the interior. It has two sets of handles so you can use it as a shoulder bag with your mat inside or just carry it. The matching cosmetics bag has two zippered compartments - handy to keep things organized - and then there's the smaller, standard toiletry bag.

This would make a fantastic set for any gym or studio go-er and all for $15! You'll want to top up your order to $25 in order to receive free shipping. Treat yourself to a new mat or towel to go along with your cute, cheap new bags!

(Expires: 6th March 2016)


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