and GuessbyMarciano: Extra 50% Off Sale Items and GuessbyMarciano: Extra 50% Off Sale Items

Guess is offering an extra 50% off sale items this Labour Day weekend! This is a pretty nice offer and takes some already nice prices down even farther! This is both for online and in-store.

If you are a Guess prestige member you get double reward points on all purchases.

Guess by Marciano Canada is having the same sale (surprise!):

You also get double reward points there.

I really like the additional 50% off sale items at Guess. Like take this pair of Ciera Rhinestone Sandals at Guess by Marciano. They were originally priced at $168 for these suede/leather beauties (I like the red ones). On sale they are $59.98. With the Extra 50% off you are looking at only $29.99! Like come on!! They even have them in my size.

But certainly check out their extra discount this weekend. The shipping can be a bit steep so if you have a store near you that might be better. However, I find the selection online is better (and the prices) so it is a catch 22.

Extra discount till September 6/10.


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