Guardians of the Galaxy: Up to 75% of select Memorabilia @ HMV Canada!

Guardians of the Galaxy: Up to 75% of select Memorabilia @ HMV Canada!


Both online and in-store at HMV Canada, you can currently get some highly discounted prices on select Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise. You can avail of savings of up to 75% on some of these items!

Now, not ALL items on the above link are discounted as I have simply linked to a search page for the Guardians of the Galaxy brand. But you can clearly see those which have a strike-through on the original prices and are on offer. Here’s a quick list of what deals are available:

Some of these items are fab!! I love the Rocket mug. And the soundtrack is absolutely excellent in this movie; featuring songs such as Hooked on a Feeling, Spirit in the Sky, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough and more.

Shipping / Collection

If you are ordering online, shipping is pretty annoying. When I was doing a test order for just the mug, the shipping fee was a flat-rate of $7. So, this just does not make sense to order on its own. It only makes sense to pay for shipping if you’re ordering a bunch of stuff.

Some items are only available in-store too, there’s no stock left of a few things online.

So each item listed above also has the option to collect at your local store – there’s a stock checker online and you can see if your closest location has some stock available. Just to use the raccoon mug as an example again, I put in an Ontario postal code and there was quite a lot of stock in some locations, such as 58 available in Ottawa, 40 in Gatineau. Have a browse and explore if you want to do it that way to save on shipping.

Some of these would make cool Christmas gifts for any Guardians of the Galaxy fans.

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