Groupon Quiznos Deal: $7 for 2 Reg Subs or Salads Worth $14

Groupon Quiznos Deal: $7 for 2 Reg Subs or Salads Worth $14

Here's a great deal for the sub lovers! For only $7, you can get a Groupon voucher which entitles you to receive either 2 regular subs or 2 salads from Quiznos, worth $13.98.

(Go to Vancouver sidebar if you can't see this deal when you land on Groupon)

That works out at half price, and would be perfect for lunch for two!  As I write this post, there is 1 day and 17 hours left to purchase the Groupon. It says limited quantity available though, so there might be a limit after which we can't buy them any more - get it fast!

But just a quick warning - not all Quiznos locations may accept these coupons. As Quiznos is a franchise, the individual store owners can choose whether to opt-in or out of promotions like this. Before you buy the Groupon, it might be worth taking one minute to make a quick call to your local Quiznos and just ask if they will accept Groupons checking on the site that your local Quiznos accepts Groupons - see Tammy's comment below. I hope they do, good luck guys!


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  • Tammy
    You can see which Quizno locations accept the Groupon on their website. Do a search for your location and there is a Groupon logo beside the ones that accept it. In my area in downtown Toronto there are only a few that accept them and not convenient for me. However it is a great deal if you don't have to go out of your way to use them.
    • Anna
      Good point Tammy - thank you for the tip!