Groupon Canada: Save $45 on Kindle Fire HD 7" (Now $170)

Groupon Canada: Save $45 on Kindle Fire HD 7" (Now $170)

Get Amazon's Android Tablet eReader for only $169.99 USD from Groupon!

This deal is a bit weird to quantify because of the price difference between the Kindle Fire HD on vs and the exchange rate but let's just go on the assumption that if you, dear reader, were to get a Kindle Fire HD 7" you would get it on for $214 CAD. We're also going to assume that the dollar being at $0.96 is close enough to parity that it doesn't really matter. So, all that said, the Kindle Fire HD 7" is usually $214 and you are saving $44.01. That's means that you can pick this up for $169.99!

Amazon's Kindle Fire HD 7" is kind of two products. The first is a really solid tablet. It has an HD screen and Dolby Audio and is meant for consuming media. You can put movies and music on it and you can get all your favourite streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube. It's also a great tablet for kids. The Kindle Free Time service lets you decide how much time per day your kid can spend reading, playing games, watching videos, etc... on the Fire. Very good for parents who worry that their kids are playing too many games.

The second is the one that, for us Canadians, is kind of a forward looking thing. This tablet is meant to be a hook in to the Amazon world. The issue is that our Amazon world is kind of small. We have books, audiobooks, apps and shopping. That's about it - for now. It's the for now part that is interesting. I can't imagine that Amazon isn't looking at Canada as an expansion market for it's streaming movie and MP3 services. So for now the Amazon hooks aren't amazing but I'm sure they'll get better. The recent announcement of Amazon Prime and the release of the Amazon App store and the Kindle Fire line in Canada is definitely a good sign.

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(Thanks to Daniela Carducci for the image!)

(Expires: 4th June 2013, 1:00 AM ET)


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