Group Buy Websites: Have You Used Any?

Group Buy Websites: Have You Used Any?


I recently had a guest post about It is one of those websites which use the group buying model - they secure a good deal from a certain retailer, but can only make use of it if a certain number of people agree to use them - combined purchasing power.

There are a number of other Canadian websites which have recently started to do this kind of thing. The other websites I am referring to are Webpiggy, Teambuy, Grooster, Wagjag and Stealthedeal.

I have not used any of these websites, but I'd love to write something about them for the Bargainmoosers. Have you experienced any of these sites? Would you like to write a guest post for Bargainmoose, or even just a brief review of your experiences? If so, please drop me a line with your thoughts.

Thanks guys!


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  • WendyD
    I'm subscribed to DealRadar, which emails me daily with a list of the current deals on several websites - It saves me from checking them daily, or receiving multiple emails from the various websites. I've used WagJag to purchase a 30-day rock climbing membership for just $45, which includes unlimited climbing, and lesson, and unlimited rental, and retails for $196. It's an awesome deal, I can't wait to go on Tuesday! :D It's a great way to try new things, and places, on the cheap, but since I live outside of the city, it's not always practical for me to take advantage of some of the deals.
    • Anna
      Good tip. Found a few more there I didn't know about too, such as Crowdbuy and Teamsave.
    • Kate
      I've used Groupon. Loved it! No problems. Saved me 66% on something I was going to buy anyway!!!
      • Sarah
        I have used teambuy, grooster, and groupon. I had great experiences with grooster and groupon. They worked perfectly with great deals too. I had a few complications with teambuy, but still worked in the end.
        • Anonymous C.

          • lindsay
            I love group buys! My favorite is webpiggy, there are witty, helpful & have great deals I had no problems with my group buys. I can't say how much these websites rock!