Groupon Reviews

Groupon Reviews


A while ago I asked about the moosers experiences of group buying websites, as I have never used these myself, but I'd like to share some info on them. I got a few kind emails, and I am going to share your experiences here!

Groupon Reviews

What is groupon, I hear you ask? Groupon is a site that offers daily deals at good prices through the power of group buying. It's available for a number of Canadian cities, for example Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto.

And here's the first Groupon Canada review:

I've been using Groupon for a while, and just joined Grooster. I've found the deals are good; however, the deals tend to be located in the downtown core (I live in New Westminster, and most of the deals are for businesses in Vancouver city) so if I were not the sort of person who's comfortable driving into the city they'd be less useful.

For Groupon, The deal is posted, and provided enough folks commit to buying, the deal 'tips' and the deal is on. You need to provide a credit card number. If the minimum number isn't met, the deal fails and you're not charged. I've never seen one fail.

I find the discounts are substantial (50% + off) and redeeming is easy peasy - either print the 'coupon' or, in the case of Groupon, just use the iPhone app to display the barcode, and the discount is applied at purchase.

The daily deals come by email, and the *cool* thing about Groupon is that it can be good when you travel. I was in Vegas in May, and there was a daily Groupon (via iPhone, which tracks your locale) for various things.

I've bought 3 Groupon deals (for spa services, aromatherapy products, and a restaurant) of which I've used two (ok, one - but I'm booked for my spa services today!).

Thanks to Bargainmooser Kelly-Dawn for that Groupon review.

Bargainmoose Jessica tells us this about Groupon Canada:

I have used Groupon in Vancouver (as have friends of mine as well) and it's fabulous! It's easy to buy the deal, and then the coupon information is sent to your email address. I recently used the site for a spa deal, which was wonderful for a new mom like me! If anyone has questions or concerns about a deal, there is a moderator that will get any answers that they need (usually your question has already been asked and posted on the site). I haven't heard of a deal yet that hasn't gone through.

Thanks to Bargainmooser Maureen for the following review:

Hi... I use groupon, and they have some great deals. I am going to San Diego this summer, so I changed the city to San Diego and that day groupon was a Harbour Tour, regular $25.00 for $12.00. Since I will be a tourist, I bought for me one for a guest, my daughter. I saved $26.00 on something you have to do as a tourist in that city!


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  • Avigayil
    I think these are great ideas, except none of them are available in Edmonton yet. :-(
    • Lesel
      The Grooster founders were born/raised in Edmonton, so it's our logical next step.....will get there as quick as we can!
    • Sherri
      I love it that grooster is canadian.
      • joy
        Another 1 with several Canadian cities is GroupClick
        • Jan D.
          I bought a hair products grooster coupon and already redeemed it. It was my first time using one of these types of coupons. I had to try because I've heard so much about it. It worked out well for me and was a very smooth process.
          • Lisa
            i was walking around town and saw posters for or something, is that a knockoff of livingsocial? sooo many groupon clones these days
            • Brittany
              Yes, we should support grooster because it is Canadian!! IndulgeLiving is Canadian too I hear. I hear they will be launching in August 2010.
              • CJ
                I think it's a great idea and have now purchased a few services however I had my first restaurant experience and it was very disappointing. The groupon customers were all seated together along 1 wall of the restaurant (in the least desireable seating without any options -- I asked) and we could only get 5-6pm reservations. I had a concert to go to so the timing worked for me but I felt like we were treated like discount shoppers. The meal was exceptionally small too. I hear the business don't make any money at this but get new business. Well, if that is the case, I was not an impressed first time customer of this restaurant and will not visit it again. Will try another restaurant groupon but am now skeptical of the restaurant deals.
                • Simin
                  I bought a voucher from Groupon website but because of my flight delay I could not use it. The agency does not refund me for the trip not made and Group on is not helping me either.