GreenMan Gaming: Up To 75% Off Telltale Games

GreenMan Gaming: Up To 75% Off Telltale Games

I'm pretty sure aliens, or GreenMen, as it were, brought us Telltale games because that is the only way to explain how awesome they are!

I seriously love Telltale. They make some of the best games around, including what was one of the best games of last year, The Walking Dead (Was $24.99, Save $15, Now $9.99). Before we get into the actual games, I want to talk about the type of games.

Telltale games are one of the masters of the Point-and-Click Adventure games. The only people who I would put in the same league as Telltale as far as crafting amazing, mind-blowingly cool point-and-click adventure games are Pendulo Studio and Double Fine. This genre is the perfect blend of puzzle and story telling, in that the story is only moved forward when you solve a puzzle and the story is so intriguing, you just have to see what happens.

GreenMan has a whole lot of Telltale games' world class point-and-click adventure games on sale for up to 75% off. Most gamers will already know about The Walking Dead game that I mentioned above, but here are some others you might not know about:

As you can see with the Sam & Max games, they release their games in seasons and episodes. So, originally the Walking Dead was five episodes released a few weeks apart to form an entire game, or season. If they release another Walking Dead game (which I think they are) then it'll be the second season of the game.

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