Green Man Gaming: Up to 75% off Simulators

Green Man Gaming: Up to 75% off Simulators

Green Man Gaming doesn't mess around with their simulators. No SimCity here, children. I'm talking hardcore sim games.

There are 25 sims available. Here are a few of the current deals:

I'm not kidding when I say these are hardcore sim games. You have got to be seriously commited to farming or architecture to dig these games. There are even wood cutting simulators, blaster (demolition) simulators and road construction simulators.

I always thought I was kinda nerdy for how much I got into SimAnt or SimCity but I have nothing on the people who are into these games. I say that in an almost dismissive way but honestly, if you're really into trains, these are the games for you. It's like chess. People who go out and pay for a chess game are generally really into chess.

I think this is one of the best things about gaming and, more specifically, indie game houses. Layernet, for instance, is the maker of some of the odder simulators available in this sale but for the people who love these games, Layernet is a Godsend.

Anywho, if you are really into any of these things, or even if you aren't, pick them up while they're cheap. Even if you aren't into that specific thing, check out the ratings and get a copy of one of the higher rated games. You won't break the bank and maybe you'll find out that you really, really like building skyscrapers.

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