Grand River Toys: Buy A Bundle, Save a Bundle

Grand River Toys: Buy A Bundle, Save a Bundle


This is a post about the The Buy a Bundle - Save a Bundle deal from Grand River Toys Canada. There are 15 toy bundles to choose from in the offer.

There are a few interesting sets in there.

The Happy baby bundle looks quite good for $58.99 - you get a playful pals piano, a travel buddies dog and a royal jungle turtle puzzle bath toy for that price. It's normally $73, so quite a decent saving.

If you're a cat lady or a cat man, then how about the Pampered cat bundle for $42.99? It consists of a vintage cat feeding set, a maple pet comb and brush set and a vintage fat cat pet mat. Could be a lovely gift for a cat lover actually.

Another bundle that catches my eye is the Science is cool bundle for $79.99. It sounds like something that "Ross" from Friends would have… but I would have loved this kind of toy when I was small! You get a hubb camera detector, a hydrogen fuel rocket and a 3d safari adventure pack in the deal.

Thanks for the email Brian!


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