Google Play Store: Pink's Greatest Hits...So Far!!! - Just $0.99

Google Play Store: Pink's Greatest Hits...So Far!!! - Just $0.99


Can't get enough P!nk? Then get all of her Greatest Hits...So Far!!! for just $0.99 on the Google Play Store right now!

The Google Play Store is notorious for discounting top albums down to just $0.99 (or sometimes even making them completely free to download) but this one is definitely sure to get the party started as Pink is one of those universally-liked artists.Having made her debut in 2000, she has now officially been gracing our radio stations and iPods for a total of 15 years and with this album, you will find most of her most famous songs, or these ones more specifically:

  1. Get The Party Started
  2. There You Go
  3. Don't Let Me Go
  4. Just Like a Pill
  5. Family Portrait
  6. Trouble
  7. Stupid Girls
  8. Who Knew
  9. U + Ur Hand
  10. Dear Mr. President
  11. So What
  12. Sober
  13. Please Don't Leave Me
  14. Funhouse
  15. I Don't Believe You
  16. Glitter In The Air
  17. Raise Your Glass
  18. F**kin' Perfect

I could of others could have definitely made it onto the list but it appears that these were compiled nearly solely based on their Billboard ranking.

With over 800 reviews for this album already and a total of 4.8/5 stars, what surprised me the most is that men and women alike have been posting positive reviews. Here's one review:

Love P!nk! Her music has helped me get through some bad tomes. I've grown in strength because of her music. Thank you P!ink! Much love

And here's another from a male reviewer:

Pink! One of the very few women out there who tell it like it is and isn't afraid to show it. Raise your glass to her she deserves it!!

Out of the 800 or so reviews, only 12 gave it a 1 star rating and that's mostly because of some kind of technical difficulty. So as you can see, this album is definitely more than worth buying, especially since it's just $0.99! Usually, each song is sold individually for $1.29.

(Expiry: 9th October 2015)


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