Goodnight iPad: A Parody Book $15.30 @

Goodnight iPad: A Parody Book $15.30 @

If you've memorized all the words to Goodnight Moon, it might just be time for a new bedtime story – and this one definitely takes the cake!

Goodnight iPad: A Parody for the Next Generation is a modern-day take on the classic storybook, and has it on sale for 30% off!

This book is a few years old now, but you'll probably still get a kick out of it.

After all, it's full of gems like: "In a bright buzzing room, in the glow of the moon – and iPhones and Androids and Blackberries too – it is time to say goodnight ..." You know, everything that might just be a little too real at bedtime.

It's written by Ann Droyd and available as a hardcover for $15.30 (down from $22). The Kindle edition will cost you $13.99.

The hardcover is Amazon Prime eligible, and shipping is free on orders over $35 for non-members.

Goodnight iPad is also on sale at Chapters Indigo for $15.76 (down from $22), so that's always an option if runs out of stock, too!

And if you're looking for something in the same vein, also has If You Give a Mouse an iPhone: A Cautionary Tail (also by Ann Droyd) on sale for $13.70! It's only available from third-party sellers, though, so shipping costs will vary.


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  • Stacey Z.


    • Laura K.

      I loved goodnight moon as a kid lol still have the book too lol

      • Carling B.


        • Jennifer H.

          your all time fave but a modern twist to it!

          • Lise C.

            I'm ever impressed by your memory!! Kai now loves the book - and his ipad soooo......maybe I should buy it.

            • Jennifer H.

              Sounds like a good one for Kai then!

              • Lise C.

                Mostly definitely! Thanks for the recommendation!!

                • Jennifer H.

                  No prob! :thumbsup_tone3::thumbsup_tone3:

                • Chris J.


                  • Virginia M.

                    for pac lol

                    • Carrie L.

                      I just died!!:joy: