GOG.com: Pick 5 DRM-Free Games, Get 80% Off

GOG.com: Pick 5 DRM-Free Games, Get 80% Off

I love GOG.com and GOG.com loves you. That's why they're letting you choose five games for 80% off!

I really do love GOG.com. There are a lot of great game sites out there and I write about most of them.  If you want the latest and greatest games from the big studios, you probably don't want to go to GOG. Any of the other sites will have them, but GOG is the place for indy and DRM-Free games as well as some old classics. This particular sale lets you pick five games from a list of 25 and get them each for 80% off!

If I were to pick, I'd choose these:

  • Alan Wake - Was $29.99 - Save $24.99 - Now $5
  • Alan Wake's American Nightmare - Was $9.99 - Save $7.99 - Now $2
  • Torchlight - Was $9.99 - Save $7.99 - Now $2
  • Omerta: City of Gangsters W/ All DLC - Was $29.99 - Save $24.99 - Now $5

But that's only four, so what about my fifth? Well, these are just the four games on the list that I've heard of. I don't know the rest, but if I were to get this deal, I'd start looking through them and pick up something I'm not sure of. That's one of the best aspects of GOG. The games are so inexpensive that you can just pick one up and if you don't like it, you're only out $4 or something. It's a great way to discover new games or even try out new genres.

These are DRM-Free digital PC games so there is no shipping cost.

(Expires: Unknown)


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