Globo Shoes Canada: Luca Ferri Shoes Were $70 | Now $20

Globo Shoes Canada: Luca Ferri Shoes Were $70 | Now $20


Globo Shoes Canada has a great sale on Luca Ferri sandals for women. Originally $69.99, these sandals are now on sale for $19.98 a pair.

There are three styles of Luca Ferri shoes on sale. The Ketifa is a wedge sandal made of leather. It features a multi-strap upper and a back zipper for easy access. It has a 1.5 to 2.5 inch heel (mid-height) for easy walking and running errands. Only the cognac is on sale for $19.98, with the black being nearly two and a half times the price. This sandal is available in sizes 7 all the way up to 11. This makes a great little summer sandal.

My favourite of the three styles would be the Labrechebecause it has a normal heel; I never have been fond of wedge heels. The style is very similar to the Ketifa above with the same multi-strap upper with braided straps and zipper at the heel. However, the heel on this shoe is cone shaped and is 3.5" high. This shoe could be both casual and formal depending on what else you were wearing. Pair it with a bohemian skirt and some bangles for causal summer love. Wear your favourite summer shift dress and some glamorous earrings for a dinner out. Sizes 8 through 11 are still available in this shoe.

Last but not least, the Justine is also on sale from $69.99 down to $19.98. It is sort of a crossbreed between the above sandals in that it has the same low heel as the Ketifa but the heel is shaped like a cone. This is a lace-up sandal with a multi-strap upper made of leather. The Justine outshines the other two shoes in the size category: these shoes start at a size 6 and run all the way up to a size 11 in full sizes.

Whichever shoe you buy, you will be saving a fabulous 71.5% on your new summer sandals, which is one great offer in my opinion. Now, Globo Shoes offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more. You could always buy a pair of all three styles to reach the free minimum, or team up with a girlfriend when placing your order. However, if you just want one pair of shoes, do not be afraid of shipping! Shipping under the $50 minimum is a flat rate of just $5, so you are still saving a bundle. I think it is worth just getting one pair when shipping is so low.

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