Glass Storage Container Set $15 @ Kitchen Stuff Plus

Glass Storage Container Set $15 @ Kitchen Stuff Plus

Food storage containers can be expensive and, if you're trying to avoid plastics (or just prefer glass), glass storage is even more so. But, as is often the case, Kitchen Stuff Plus' Red Hot Deals to the rescue! Until Sunday, you can get a 12-Piece Clip-it Glass Storage Set for only $14.99.

These containers are microwave- and dishwasher-safe. They're even safe for the freezer.

Another advantage of glass is that it doesn't absorb odours and colours the way plastic does. I know I just threw out (recycled!) two plastic containers and their lids because one reeked of onions and no amount of soaking would rid the smell and the other was just completely stained from pasta sauce. It's such a shame. You won't have that situation with glass!

The six containers of varying size come with airtight, BPA-free, clip on lids that won't leak in your lunchbag.

I did some shopping around first and found this to be an incredible price. This 12-piece set from Sears is $50! Score this set for $15.

Kitchen Stuff Plus ships orders over $75 for free; under that, cost varies based on your location and order's contents but they only charge actual costs; no handling or mark-up.

(Expires: 27th March 2016)


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