Giant Modcloth Sale From $2.99

Giant Modcloth Sale From $2.99

When I am not wearing yoga pants and food-covered t-shirts, I enjoy a Mad Men style. But my budget is also stuck in the 1960s. I just heard that Mod Cloth is having a great sale so I channeled my inner Peggy and hopped onto the website to shop the 2017 way.

Always one to enjoy a flattering jersey dress, I snatched up a Wowed By Your Ways Jersey Dressfor $17.99US. This Reading Rondeaux Dressis totally comfortable and fabulous for $19.99US.

Saved by the Bell anyone? I am loving this Zack Attack t-shirt for $16.99US. And there is nothing more flattering than a Modcloth swimsuit. I am eyeing this Rest-Ashore one-piece bathing suit for $49.99US because my maternity suit was no longer cutting it for my one-year-old's swimming lessons.

I find the real life reviews and real life photos to be very helpful in assessing size and fit so make sure to check them out before you order. Your order will ship for free if you spend $150 or more. If you want to spend less, load up your cart and click the "estimate shipping" button to determine your shipping costs.

I am going to be the best dressed mom at the swimming pool this year. I hope my kiddo appreciates the effort.


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