Get Ultimate Value Pack Worth $165 With $50 Gift Card Purchase @ East Side Mario's, Swiss Chalet, Harvey's Etc.

Get Ultimate Value Pack Worth $165 With $50 Gift Card Purchase @ East Side Mario's, Swiss Chalet, Harvey's Etc.


What do you get for that hard to buy for person on your Christmas list? How about a gift card that is valid at about 9 different restaurants? The benefits are thick with this offer too. For a limited time you can buy The Ultimate Dining Card for $50 and you will get The Ultimate Value Pack for free which is worth over $165 in savings. So you get a $50 gift for them and a $165 savings booklet for you. Win-win?

Your first step? You need to head in-restaurant and buy a $50 gift card. Haven't any idea which restaurants are included? Here is a list of restaurants that you can buy the gift card at, and you can also use the gift card at:

  • Swiss Chalet
  • East Side Mario's
  • Milestones Grill & Bar
  • Casey's Grill & Bar
  • Montana's Cookhouse & Bar
  • Bier Markt
  • Kelsey's
  • Prime Pubs
  • Harvey's

Once you've arrived at one of these restaurants, you can ask for the The Ultimate Dining Card in a $50 value. Also mention that you would like to receive The Ultimate Value Pack as well, which has over $165 in savings that can be used at these fine establishments.

This offer is valid through December 24th, 2015 and can be redeemed in-restaurant only. The $50 Ultimate Dining Card will also come with a limited time Holiday Sleeve to make it an even more appealing Christmas gift for this Holiday season.

Here's a list of the coupons included in the booklet. Of course some people will find the coupons more useful than others, so take the discounts into consideration before snagging this offer at your local participating restaurant.

The coupons include:


  • The Harvey's coupons expire on February 28th. They include 2 Can Dine for $10.49.


  • The Montana's coupon is valid from January 1st through February 29th and includes a coupon to save $15 when you spend $45 on Smoking Good BBQ.


  • The Kelsey's coupon expires on February 29th and is for $10 off $30.

Bier Markt

  • The Bier Markt coupon is valid from January 1st through February 29th, and you will receive 1 free Bier Markt glass stein when you spend $50.

East Side Mario's

  • The East Side Mario's coupon is valid for $15 off orders over $45. It is valid from January 11th through January 31st.

Swiss Chalet

  • Swiss Chalet has a few coupons, and they are valid until February 21st. There is a 2 can dine for $19.99, deluxe delivery for 2 for $24.99 as well.


  • There are three coupons available to use at Milestones Canada. There is a free appetizer with the purchase of an entree purchase which is valid between January 2nd and 31st. There is also a coupon for BOGO 50% off any entree from February 1st through the 13th and then again February 15th through the 28th. This particular offer is valid Sunday - Wednesday only. The last coupon is for a free Spinach Dip between March 1st and March 31st.

and more!

The booklet also promotes that you can dine at any of these restaurants and earn 20x the Scene points between January 2nd and February 29th 2016. Plus you can get a bonus $10 Ultimate Dining Card when you register your email and get the UGO Wallet app and store a loyalty or gift card (like your Ultimate Dining Card for example). You will then receive another $10 Ultimate Dining Card in your UGO wallet.

If you are a scene point collector,  you can redeem 5000 Scene Points to get a The Ultimate Dining Card valued at $50, but I don't think it will come with The Ultimate Value Pack in that circumstance. But it is still a fab deal considering you earn those points by spending money and then would get a $50 gift card with those points. Essentially, a free gift card to use at over 9 different restaurants? Count me in. You can either keep the card for yourself or give it away as a Christmas gift.

(24th December 2015)


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  • anna l.
    Nice offer but the Ultimate Value Pack bonus coupons should be valid for at least a year and not date limited. I will not be taking advantage of this offer because of the time limitation.
    • Menna77
      Give somebody something, they will always want more.
      • Alan S.
        I agree, expiry dates make this offer useless to me.
        • jmmasci

          Just get a CAA card the everyday deals for Montana's 2 meals for $16.00 Swiss Chalet 2 dinners $15.99, they have harvey"s deals,  bier market Kelsey's spend 30.00 get $ 10.00 off most are better than the coupons and are good all year!  

          • jmmasci

            Just get a CAA card the everyday deals for Montana's 2 meals for $16.00 Swiss Chalet 2 dinners $15.99, they have harvey"s deals,  bier market Kelsey's spend 30.00 get $ 5.00 off most are better than the coupons and are good all year!  

            CAA Members will get great discounts at:

            1. Harvey’s – 2 can dine for $10.49 (i.e 2 Original or Veggie Burgers, or Hot Dog combos that include a side and 20 oz drink).
            2. Swiss Chalet – 2 can dine for $15.99 (i.e. 2 Quarter Chicken Dinners, white meat add $1.50, upgrade of sides and beverages extra)
            3. Montana’s – 2 can dine for $19.99 (i.e. Any 2 burgers, sandwiches or salads excluding Large Brisket Sandwich).
            4. East Side Mario’s – CAA Members get 10% off (excludes taxes and alcohol)
            5. Kelsey’s – $5 off with a minimum purchase of $30 (excludes taxes and alcohol)
            6. Bier Markt – $5 off with a minimum purchase of $30 (excludes taxes and alcohol)
            7. Fionn MacCool’s – $5 off with a minimum purchase of $30 (excludes taxes and alcohol)
            8. Milestones – Free appetizer with minimum purchase of $30 (Appetizer valued at up to $14, excludes taxes and alcohol)
          • Richard1

            I agree that the time dated makes the difference of buying it or not . I will not because of it ! Although I do like a few of the food places I disrespect the time restraint .  Should be min 1 yr from purchase. Over these holidays we did NOT go to Harveys as well Swiss Chalet due to our upset with this . And we did not even buy this card this year. We typically do ... not any more . What a business rip-off ! Looks like we are not the only ones that feel this way , I do hope their merchandise Dept. learned something .

            Richard and Family

          • Tami
            I won't use the majority of these but would spend the $50 dollars on a meal anyway, so the bonuses are free and am happy to use them or not so might better buy the gift card. I will just share the coupons. Thanks :)
            • Lukus
              I might consider buying it BUT my local Swiss Chalet has poor service and the other Swiss Chalet needs the seats updated. It is nearly new but the vinyl seats are cracked already. Also I agree with 'anna lesiw' that January to February 21st is not a big deal. There are probably more coupons for restaurants not in my area than ones in my area.
              • Dan J.
                Wow these deals are weak. Harveys and Swiss Chalet almost always have 2 can dine deals on at any given time. Without having to buy a gift card... Also, you couldn't pay me to eat at Montana's or Kelsey's :-P
                • Jason
                  Thanks for this. I can't believe they didn't give you any idea.
                  • Judy
                    There is not enough time to take advantage of all the restaurants.. I need at least 6 months to 1 year. This is a lot of eating out in 2 months. Will think about the offer. Can the discount offers be used by someone else or are the specific to me.
                    • mike h.
                      your name isn't on them - you can's not like they are giving anything tangible away. They are just coupons..
                    • Glen
                      You need to spend a lot in a short period of time to save a little, eat out like 8 times in 30 days.
                      • Mary
                        well got a 75.00 gift card for the 7 restraunts from my daughter in law for christmas n now see they r either not for right dates or places i wouldnt nor can afford to eat thought the card would be for at least a year what a rip off
                        • PaintsRule

                          The card itself, I do not believe is dated, its the bonus coupons that went with it.