Get FREE Wildflower Seeds From Cheerios

Get FREE Wildflower Seeds From Cheerios

Millions of bees have been disappearing all around the world. Cheerios wants to help and has launched #bringbackthebees.

How does it work? Cheerios is giving out more than 10 millions wildflower seeds to Canadians. Wildflowers provide wildflower pollen and nectar which provides a healthy environment for bees. Plant some wildflowers and join the movement.

Cheerios has met its goal of handing out 100 million seeds but will still send you 500 seeds if you fill out the link. You don't even need to pay shipping. Your free Verseys seeds should arrive in 4-6 weeks - just in time to plant for summer.

I am going to enlist my little ones to help get our wildflower garden started. What about you? How does your garden grow?


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  • lennypuz

    Yet the products they use to grow their wheat kills bees...its a marketing ploy.

    • Kim M.

      There's some controversy over the seeds though, and many are considered invasive in the wrong areas if they are not native. Better to go to a nursery and find out what plants bees like that are native to your area and plant those.

      • Barb H.

        Very true Kim, and a good point. I tend to think about this from a different angle though… The makers of Cheerios cereal is General Mills – a huge food processor that makes their products out of grains and fruits that have been sprayed with the very chemicals that are thought to be harming us, the environment and of course, killing the bees.

        Ironic to say the least. I see this as nothing more than a huge marketing push by them.