Get $40 In Shoppers Optimum Points For Free When You Spend Your Points This Weekend

Get $40 In Shoppers Optimum Points For Free When You Spend Your Points This Weekend

I will admit it. I am a closet points hoarder. However, it is time to cash in my Shoppers Optimum Points. And it might be the best redemption event yet.

If you are regular Shopper's Optimum Points guru, this weekend will be a little different than usual. At most point levels, you redeem your points for the usual amounts but if you redeem points from the top two points levels, you will actually get points back just for redeeming.

Here is how it works:

1. If you redeem 95,000 points, you will get up to $170 off your purchase. And if that isn't amazing enough, you will get 30,000 optimum points awarded back to your account. This bonus alone is worth $40.

2. If you redeem 50,000 points, you will get $85 off your purchase and 16,000 optimum points are yours just for redeeming. This bonus is worth $20.

This redemption offer takes place from November 26-27th. The bonus points will be awarded into your account on December 12th.

Isn't it so much fun to spend when you won't receive a credit card bill?


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  • Sherri H.

    How does this work? I have 110,000 points About. Never used the points before just been collecting.

    • Kal-J

      Pick out $170 (pre-tax) of items and when you get to the cash tell them you want to use your points.  You only pay the tax! Easy! There are some items you cant use them for like lottery tickets, stamps etc...but most items are fine.

      • RYP

        Go and shop- buy $170 worth of pre-tax items (can be used for gift cards too!) and redeem 95000 points. Just tell the cashier you want to redeem. You will only pay tax on the $170 items. The system will automatically credit your account 30,000 points in a few days. It's very easy. I just redeemed my 50,000 points.

        • Krista A.

          U go and get $170 worth of stuff b4 tax which is 95,000 points and on Dec 12th U'll get 30,000 in points back. All u have to do is pay the tax and the difference. Does not include gift cards lotto or prescriptions

        • Kathy D.

          Sherri go shop spend 95000 points and get $210 worth of free merchandise just pay the taxes great for stocking stuffer shopping have fun. I have my list made so excited :blush::christmas_tree:

          • Sherri H.

            How do I know how much to spend lol?

            • Krista A.

              Sorry, I work at shoppersdrugmart

              • Allison W.

                Sorry, it's different this year...and not for the better. You spend 95000 points and can get your 170 free, the extra 40 dollars will be put back on your card on December 12. Also, you can only cash in two times a day.

              • Jen B.

                how many points do we have

                • Terri B.

                  I got my tablet today for 30 bucks a galaxy

                  • Angela M.

                    Best points program ever!!