Get Boogie Boards For $29.96 @ Chapters

Get Boogie Boards For $29.96 @ Chapters

If I had to list the top five toys that have ever lived in our home, the Boogie Board would definitely make the list. Kids draw with the stylus, hit a button to erase and then doodle again. No mess. No sound. Hours of entertainment.

The Boogie Board tablet is lightweight and thin. We love to use them in the car to make those roadtrips a bit more tolerable and the sealed 3V watch battery never needs replacing.

The 8.5" model is on sale for $29.96. I am eyeing the Boogie Board Scribble & Play LCD Ewriter which is perfect for little toddler hands. It is on sale for $37.46.

With the boogie board, there is no scrubbing of crayons off the walls. You can thank me later.


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