Get Barbie From $10.47 @ Amazon

Get Barbie From $10.47 @ Amazon

Barbie brings back the ghosts of Christmas past for me. I remember eagerly ripping the wrapping paper off my first blonde doll just a few ok many years ago. This year I can't wait to introduce my girls to Barbie.

I know many moms who are looking for the best price on the Barbie dream house. What a wow gift on sale for $169.99. Lots of little girls also have the Barbie camper van on their lists. Santa can grab this for $89.97.

Some dolls have also been marked down to super low prices. I am crushing on Barbie careers video game developer doll and she makes a great stocking stuffer for just $10.47. If your little girl dreams in mermaids, the Barbie rainbow fashion mermaid doll is also just $10.47. The Barbie Color Me Cute is a whole lot of cuteness for just $16.64. And if you are a true collector, the Barbie Collector 2016 Holiday Doll is on sale for $26.96. This is the lowest price I have seen this year.

Shipping is free on orders of more than $35.

I wonder who will be more excited on Christmas morning. Me or my girls? I just hope they will let me play with them.


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