Get An Instant Pot For $84.99 @ Amazon

Get An Instant Pot For $84.99 @ Amazon

Let me introduce you to my sister wife the Instant Pot. She cooks dinner while I do the rest. And wow- the 6.33 L 6-in-1 model is on sale at Amazon for an amazing price.

The Instant Pot is constructed with a stainless steel interior and exterior. Its functions include pressure cooking, sautéing/browning, slow cooking, rice cooking, steaming and warming. It also has 10 built-in smart programs: meat/stew, saute, poultry, soup, bean/chili, congee, steam, multigrain, rice and slow cook with three adjustable modes. I am no Gordon Ramsay so I just love just pushing a button and having perfectly cooked food appear.

I use my Instant Pot to make grandma's famous casserole in less than 1/3 of the time. And the Instant Pot even cooks chicken from frozen.

The Instant Pot ships for free from Amazon.

I just wish my sister wife The Instant Pot would clean bathrooms.


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  • Faranak D.

    Is it the same as the one Costco has?