Get 4x6 Prints For $0.09 Each @

Get 4x6 Prints For $0.09 Each @

Right now Shoppers Drug Mart Photo Centre has an excellent promotion. For just two days, you can get 4x6 photo prints for just $0.09 at The catch? You must print 100 or more and this offer is only available online, only on February 20th and 21st.

This weekend, Shoppers Drug Mart Photo Centre has a promotion on their 4x6 prints. For just saturday and sunday, you can pay just $0.09 for each 4x6 photo you have printed, with a minimum of 100 photos. usually charges $0.19 for their 4x6 photos. So paying just $0.09 is more than half off the regular price. Not to mention it is a lower price than any other Canadian photo print retailer. Just take a look at my quick price comparison:

Don't forget that you also earn Shoppers Optimum points with every purchase you make. There are some other promotions going on right now at as well, if you wanted to add a little more "oomph" to your shopping cart or have different ways to display your precious memories.

There are a couple of potential downfalls with this offer, but neither of them would deter me from ordering my photo prints from Unfortunately Shoppers Photo Canada takes between 7 and 10 business days to have your order ready. The other set back is that there is no shipping option. You must pick up your order from your local Shoppers Drug Mart Canada location. This doesn't really scare me off because my closest Shoppers is only a 5 minute walk or a 2 minute drive. With this weather, I would enjoy my walk to pick up my pictures.

Don't forget that this offer is valid online only. Last time this promotion was around, I walked into my local Shoppers location trying to get the price listed just to be disappointed. You will also need a minimum of 100 photos to print, but I easily have 5000 images in my phone so I am sure selecting 100 will be no problem for us Moosers. We also just got a new kitten, Simon, so I have at least 100 photos of him already. That puts your minimum spend at about $9 before any taxes, which really is not bad at all for 100 photos. You can only print 200 photos per session, but there is nothing stopping you from having multiple sessions.

(Expiry: 21st February 2016)


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  • Anna W.
    Your kitten is called Simon.
  • sree2001

    For me, it shows 19 cents though the website says there is a deal.

    • CuteSavings

      Hi there! Unfortunately the promo is already over. Hopefully we find another soon!