George Women's Ugg Style Boot Was $39 | Now $19 & Free Shipping @ Walmart Canada

George Women's Ugg Style Boot Was $39 | Now $19 & Free Shipping @ Walmart Canada


Looking for an Ugg style boot but don't want to pay Ugg style prices? Walmart Canada has these cute George Women's Boots on sale from $39 down to $19. Even if these boots only lasted you one Winter season, they would be well worth the money. also includes shipping on all online orders with no minimum purchase. These boots are only available in the tan colour.

I personally own a pair of Ugg boots as well as a pair of these George Women's Boots. If the weather is wet enough that I am too scared to wear my Uggs, I throw on these boots to do the job. The George Women's Boots have the Ugg style to them, and won't empty your wallet. You can pay just $19 to keep your feet warm in these stylish boots.

These George Winter Boots for women are pull-on style. They have a faux fur lining to make sure the cold doesn't reach your toes during these crazy cold temperatures. The rubber outer sole is pretty durable, compared to other Ugg knock offs of the same quality. I bought a pair of Ugg look-a-likes from Ardene's and they didn't hold up half as well as these George boots. You also won't cry every time your boots get wet, like I do with my Uggs.

To get the best life expectancy out of these boots, I suggest spraying a couple coats of a Winter boot protector or suede protector before really wearing them. This applies to all sorts of Winter boots made of leather, suede, or any fabric really. Canada really does have horrible Winters, it is hard to find boots that can live up to the expectations.

While these boots are cute, stylish, and look similar to Uggs, I would not suggest them for any extreme outdoor activities. Once they get wet enough, the water does seep through and you will become very cold. For $19 these boots are great for walking the dog, hitting the mall, or even something simple to slip on if you want to do a Tim Horton's run.

The great thing about shopping at is that you get free shipping no matter how big or small your purchase is. Mr. Noodles? Free shipping. Huge new TV? Free shipping. I also find that Walmart's shipping is rather fast, which means you can still get some use out of these George Boots this year.

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