Gelaskins Canada: 20% Off Everything

Gelaskins Canada: 20% Off Everything

Gelaskins, oh how I love thee. Seriously, Gelaskins are totally sweet for personalizing your gear and adding a level of security and protection. They are also on sale for 20% off right now (woohoo!)

Gelaskins are the ultimate back to school item. You have your computer, you  have your tablet... electronic device, whatever... but so does everyone else! How do you show your unique personality: you get a Gelaskin. Either you find something that expresses your unique personality from the many amazing artists there, or you can make your own for the same price!

Here are some of the things you can skin:

  • phones
  • tablets
  • computers
  • Dr Dre headphones
  • PS3 controllers
  • eReaders
  • and MORE!

I'm loving this Meow by Lora Zombie, what a fun piece! I could so see picking that up for my Macbook Pro 13" which would cost me $23.96, instead of the regular $29.95.

One of my favourite artists whose art decorates my home is Camilla D'Errico, a fellow Canadian. She recently added 3 more pieces of art to Gelaskins and I would love to get them. Glass Butterflies would look awesome as an iPhone skin for $11.96 (was $14.95) and I would be torn between Red Dawn or Disassembled Tears for my iPad for $23.96 (Was $29.95) each.

Best of all, buy 3 and get 1 free!

Expiry: 12th, August 2012


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