Gelaskins: 20% Off Everything (including Gift Certificates)

Gelaskins: 20% Off Everything (including Gift Certificates)


This is a sweet company we have mentioned in Groupon posts before, Gelaskins. They are a Canadian company but their prices are in USD. This sale also includes GIFT CERTIFICATES! No shipping necessary.

I am planning on giving a Gelaskins' gift certificate as a gift this year because:

  • Almost everyone has a laptop or cell phone (or a gaming console, eReader, iPad, iPod)
  • Customizing your accessory is a bonding experience and makes people feel good
  • It is great to put a protective cover on something valuable

So with the 20% off it means you get:

  • $25 GC for $20
  • $50 GC for $40
  • $75 GC for $60
  • $100 GC for $80

Or you can find yourself a really cool Gelaskin like something from their new Marvel line. If you want a peak into my world got Yuuta, a pretty little back for my laptop. Note of interest: Buy 3 skins and get your 4th free, even during this promo!

Till November 29, 2010


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