Gelaskins: 10% Off, B3GO Free + Free Shipping

Gelaskins: 10% Off, B3GO Free + Free Shipping


Gelaskins is a really cool place, it was one of the places I ordered form on Boxing Day. Right now they are sporting a small but smart little promotion: Get 10% off all skins (even custom ones you make yourself), Buy 3, get 1 free, and if your order totals $50 or more, get free UPS shipping.

Gelaskins is a Canadians company, however they do bill in USD. But with our dollar near par, it is a good time to buy. I ordered 4 skins yesterday (got the 4th for free). I got a friend, whose birthday is in January, Counterfeit Cluckers for her 15.4" PC laptop, and I did a custom skin for her iPod Classic (friend loves chickens). I also got this gorgeous The Sorceress Kobo skin for myself and then the 4th is also custom, but I can't tell you what it is because my hubby reads Bargainmoose and its for him!

It was great, got 10% off the entire order, plus a $14.95 skin for free (free 4th item) and free UPS shipping.

Sale ends 31st, December 2010!


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  • sunshine
    i got a gelaskin as part of a rogers customer appreciate event and its really not that great. its really just a sticker that you put on the plate of your phone, and the sides are not long enough to actually touch the middle of the phone. i wasn't really happy with it. and i definitely wouldn't pay the price of what their asking since seeing what the product really is