Garmin Nuvi GPS & Case for $220 Shipped @

Garmin Nuvi GPS & Case for $220 Shipped @

'Tis the season for road trips and summer vacations! Whether you are going on a road trip, going camping, or venturing up north to visit your parents—getting there is half the battle. A GPS will not only get you there without getting lost, but will also stop several car-arguments regarding directions. has the Garmin nüvi 2589LMT GPS with a carrying case on sale for $219.99, which is by far the best price around for this nifty gadget. Plus, shipping and handling is included.

The great thing about ordering a GPS by Garmin like this one, is that they come with a lifetime of free map updates. We update ours every summer before we do any road trips. Otherwise you may find at some point your car looks like it is driving through a lake or something, which is funny... but doesn't help you with directions.

My Garmin GPS will automatically re-route me if I pass my exit (I am notorious for that), plus when I am driving out east I can easily locate the nearest gas station or restaurant with my voice. The GPS will also tell you what the traffic is like in the direction you're headed. And the best part? It won't eat up the data on your cell phone!

This same GPS sells for $289 at Amazon, $290 at Staples and $20 at Canadian Tire.

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