Garden-In-A-Bag @

Garden-In-A-Bag @

After finally having a day of gorgeous sunny weather, I'm itching to get in my garden. The only problem is it snowed yesterday, so I don't dare start planting yet. Then I came across a company called Potting Shed Creations and their Gardens-in-a-Bag on!

I love my garden and so do my girls, so this will definitely tide us over a few weeks, until it is safe to start planting without the worry of frost!

These bags are so cute! For $13.99 you can plant anything from herbs to flowers and they come with everything you'll need to get started. Growing plants from seeds can be a bit daunting and these bags eliminate the guess work.

One of my earliest memories in the backyard include playing along the garden beds and making the snapdragons "talk". The girls love doing it too and have little conversations amounts the blooms as well. They will be thrilled to see bags of Mini Snapdragonsthat we can plant inside, when they arrive in the mail.

We always plant strawberries each spring and we can start early this year with the Strawberry Garden-in-a-Bag and then transplant them outside in a month or so. We'll have strawberries early this year!

One thing I've been talking about starting for ages is an herb garden, so this is the kick start I needed! They have Basil, Mint, Oregano, Thyme and lots more options to add fresh to your favourite dishes, right from your windowsill.

Best of all, save $10 when you spend $40 or more for new customers with code "WELL10". I'm picking my three favourites to get started now and with the discount it will be like getting the 3rd free!


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