Gap Canada: Save On Socks and Underwear

Gap Canada: Save On Socks and Underwear


Great time to stock up on socks and underwear at the Gap. Savings from $1.50- $6 per pair.

TheWomen's Sock Sale includes $8.50 socks and $9.50 knee high socks . When you buy 3 or more pairs of socks, save $6 each. Some pretty bold prints to choose from! I like these Placed Argyle Socks. Three pairs of these socks ring up at $7.50, less than the regular price of one pair! If you are looking for some Pure Body T's, buy 2 or more at $24.50 each and save $6.50 each.

Sorry, Men, but no socks for you. However, there is a great selection of underwearto choose from. Buy 3 or more pair ($18 each) and save $6 per pair.

Boys underwearis also on sale. If you buy 2 or more at $10.50 each, save $3 per pair. Girls, if you buy 2 or more pairs of $14.50tights, you will save $4.50 each. Seven cute styles to choose from.

Most parents have heard that Gap socks are great for babies and toddlers because they stay on those little feet so well. When you buy 5 or more pairs of $4.50 baby or toddler socks, you will get them for $3 each. Eighteen styles to choose from! I love the baby girl Scalloped Stripe Sock and the baby boyCar Print Rolled Sock.


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