GameStop (US): Tomb Raider (2013) for Under $6!

GameStop (US): Tomb Raider (2013) for Under $6!


Raid a Tomb like a BOSS! And be cheap like a BOSS! Tomb Raider (2013) for less than $6 from GameStop!

I'm telling you people, video game sales are going nuts lately. I could probably write a video game deal every day but they would just be mediocre. 15% off Pac -Man Ultimate Death Match or something. The past few days I've had 75% off great games, free classics and now last year's Tomb Raider for less than $6. I keep saying less than $6 because the deal is $4.99 in USD so it changes with the previous night's exchange rate. Right now it's $5.54 but it might end up being more or less depending on the exchange rate.

I played a bit of the classic Tomb Raider games and I enjoyed them a lot. There are people out there who are mega fans of the series. This newest iteration seems to be loved as much as the others were. It has garnered an 86% on MetaCritic and it won a bunch of GotY awards. Every gamer should have this in their arsenal, especially for this cheap. Most other places are selling this for around $20 USD so you're getting about 75% off.

If you aren't familiar with Tomb Raider games, they follow Lara Croft, an Archaeologist as she Raids various Tombs. In this iteration she is looking for a lost Japanese kingdom and is accompanied by a British soldier and another Archaeologist or two. Of course a gaggle of Archaeologists and a soldier can't search for a lost Japanese kingdoms without getting in to some trouble, right?

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