GamersGate: Up to 70% off Neocore Games

This weekend GamersGate is Featuring Neocore's Arthurian fantasy games with some deep discounts.

There are 15 games from three series for sale. Here are a few or them:

GamersGate has got to be the best friend of some of these indy game companies. If I were a PC gamer I'd constantly be neck deep in new games because of sales like these. These specific games especially appeal to me. I'm definitely into fantasy games and definitely into the RPG/strategy genre. This is a series of games that I likely never would have come across had it not been for GamersGate featuring them. Now I'm no dummy, I know that GamersGate is taking a hit on a lower end game in hopes that you will join and spend money on other games. They likely aren't just an altruistic company who wants to make the gaming world happy. Whatever their reason, we get some great deals out of it.

As for the games themselves it seems that if you are a fan of  Total War, you will enjoy these games. Most of them have good ratings and reviews. I saw mention on one review of King Arthur II that the person had problems running it on a slightly older machine because it was graphic intensive. This is good, of course, since it means you are going to get good graphics but just make sure your computer can handle it. It seems like King Arthur II is one of their newer games so if your computer can't handle it, check out some of the older games. It seems like some people like the original King Arthur games better than the second one in any event.

(Expires: Unknown, Weekend sale so presumably end of day on 10th September 2012)


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