Saints Row Weekend - Up 70% off Saints Row Weekend - Up 70% off

It's hard out there for a pimp! Saint's Row: The Third, along with a bunch of expansions packs are on major discount this weekend at!

There are two full games, a guide and seven Saints Row: The Third DLCs available. Here are a few of them:

Saints Row: The Third is the focus of this sale and from everything I have read about it (and the series itself) it is a fantastic game. The ratings on MetaCritic are currently at 84/100. GamersGate is offering the downloadable PC version of the game. It should be noted that this game is rated M.

Saints Row is (and I know I'm going to get flamed for this comment so bring it on!) essentially a Grand Theft Auto clone. It's a sandbox style game, which means you have full reign over a city. You can run or drive around aimlessly for hours if you really want to. Of course you have goals in the game but part of the fun is just running around messing around. The big difference between the Saints Row series and the GTA series is that GTA strived more to be a simulation than Saints Row does. Saints Row is way more over the top and it isn't overly concerned with the natural laws of this world. There are also gameplay changes, which makes this a different experience than GTA.

I liked the way Brian Ferrell, THQ's CEO, put it in an earnings call when asked about GTA V:

I went online like everyone to see the GTA trailer. As you point out, it's a high quality trailer and I think it’s going to be another fantastic game in the GTA series. That said, it also shows the completely different positioning of the two games. GTA is still serious and character driven – a very different experience. Saints Row – if you saw our video today – it shows you all the crazy stuff in the game. It's a totally different positioning, and if you read the forums it's like 'hey, I love GTA, and I love this game because it's a very different game that knows what it is and is very entertaining.

To be honest I kind of hate describing a game by comparing it to another game but it seems that this phenomenon is kind of the norm for this game. If it's good enough for THQ's CEO, it's good enough for Bargainmoose!

(Expires: Unknown but I am going to guess 20th or 21st MAY 2012)


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