GameFly: Up to 75% Off Indie PC Games

GameFly: Up to 75% Off Indie PC Games

Tired of the big guys like EA throwing millions towards marketing to get you super excited only to release a poor experience? Then how about you check out some Indie games (at a steep discount) from Game Fly!

There are nine games on sale here. Here are a few:

  • Sine Mora - Was $9.99 - Save $7.50 - Now $2.49
  • Torchlight II - Was $19.99 - Save $10 - Now $9.99
  • Gratuitous Space Battles - Was $14.99 -  Save $9 - Now $5.99
  • Space Pirates and Zombies - Was $9.99 - Save $7.50 - Now $2.49
  • Symphony - Was $9.99 - Save $6.59 - Now $3.40

I love Indie games. Where else are you going to find games called "Space Pirates and Zombies" or "Gratuitous Space Battles"?  These guys have more freedom to do whatever they want with their games because the games are exactly that, their games.

That EA reference from earlier wasn't just random. They recently released a new Sim City game and everyone was super excited. Then they started playing and found that EA had DRM'd the game so badly that it was hardly playable. Many Indie developers don't have the time or money to do anything other than make a great game.

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