GameFly: FREE Copy of Europa Universalis III Chronicles (PC Download)

GameFly: FREE Copy of Europa Universalis III Chronicles (PC Download)

Everybody, stop what you're doing! GameFly is giving away a FREE game. Get your copy of Europa Universalis III Chronicles before it runs out!

First things first, it's a FREE game. You should probably get it just because it's FREE. Not really. They do have a limited supply so if you don't think you'll dig, don't get it. The game is described as a "grand strategy" game which, to me, means absolutely nothing.I did some looking and it seems like this is a really, really, really in depth game of risk. You can set tax rates, choose what kind of society and government you will have and a ton of other stuff. It almost seems like a mix of the micromanaging parts of Sim City and the basic game mechanics of Risk.

It looks super fun and like a welcome distraction from the usual games that we are submitted to. It seems to me like a very in depth experience and I'm looking forward to jumping in to it.

The real reason this is FREE right now is because Europa Universalis IV is coming out in a few months. But in the mean time you can enjoy Europa Universalis III Chronicles which includes all four expansions to the game. The game is usually $29.99. This is a PC Download so there is no shipping.

(Expires: 11th April 2013, 7:00AM ET)


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  • Lynne H.
    I don't think it's free anymore,...
    • Shawn M.
      It's not. They had a limited supply, which ran out before the deal did, unfortunately.