FutureShop Canada: Huge Speaker Sale Including All Klipsch Speakers

FutureShop Canada: Huge Speaker Sale Including All Klipsch Speakers

Want to beef up your sound system? Get some awesome audio gear from Klipsch and others at Future Shop.

There are a lot of high end speakers on sale here. The bulk of the sale seems to be on the high end Klipsch speakers, but there are options from other manufacturers as well. Here are a few of the sales.

The sale is broken up in to three categories: tower speakers, sub-woofers and outdoor speakers. The outdoor speakers are a great category to explore because summer is right around the corner. A lot of people have really dubious ways of providing sound for their outdoor gatherings. I'm sure we've all been to a BBQ at someones place where they've just turned the indoor sound system up as loud as it can go and left the door open. If you're lucky, they'll drag their speakers as close to the door as the speaker wire will reach. If you're unlucky, they're pumping it out of two tiny laptop speakers.

Outdoor speakers are weird in that they are the only type of speaker that tries to hide. Other speakers are meant to show off the fact that you have awesome speakers. That's why they are often just black boxes sitting around your living room. Sure, there are in-wall speakers that kind of hide themselves, but it isn't the same as the classic speaker-shaped-like-a-rock. I don't understand the need to hide outdoor speakers, though. It's as if people think a speaker will disrupt nature or something. Personally, I think the house, pool, deck, trampoline and propane grill are enough to disrupt nature, but who am I to tell speaker manufacturers how to make their speakers, right?

What's your current audio setup? Surroud sound in a box? High end components? A mismatch of gear you've been collecting since the 70's? Let me know in the comments below and we'll be best friends forever!

... No we won't.

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